Hello Waterworks Cinemas Guests
Thank you for your interest in booking a Private Luxury Theaters! Please follow our steps below to book your showtime. We do not have a wait list. We are so very excited to welcome you for a special event in Waterworks Cinemas's luxury movie auditoriums! 
Please book soon as there are a limited number of rental slots. Thank you in advance. 
Here are the steps you will need to take to reserve a private theater: 
1. Go to our homepage
2. From the calendar slider, select the date that you would like to reserve
3. Scroll the list for the "Private Luxury Theater" icon to find available showtimes. When you click on your desired showtime, toggle over the time and click - "Buy tickets"
4. You only need to purchase one ticket. It covers up to 30 people (including you)! This payment is non-refundable.
5. If you'd like to invite additional guests, tickets can be purchased a la carte per guest. Please contact the manager directly to purchase these additional tickets. 
6. When you are directed to pay for your rental, you will be prompted to provide "Your Details" such as your name, email, and phone number. You do not have to log in, sign up, or join MovieScoop+ in order to book a private auditorium -- but we recommend it as a way to earn points to use on future concession purchases! 
For questions regarding our mask policy and other safety protocols, please review our Safe at the Cinemas guidelines.  
You will receive a final confirmation email with all of your details. Enjoy! Thank you!