Welcome to Studio Ghibli Film Fest 2023!

The festival kicks off on March 25 with My Neighbor Totoro and concludes on November 1 with Spirited Away
Each month will feature at least one favorite Studio Ghibli movie in both dubbed and subbed versions when available! All showings are offered in our luxury auditoriums with surround sound, excellent big screen quality, and the most comfy electronic luxury recliners.  Plus, you get to reserve exactly where you want to sit! 
 All adult tickets are $12.50; child and senior tickets are $10.50 for the Saturday/Sunday matinees. 
The festival is courtesy of Fathom Events. We do not accept movie passes or refund tickets to Special Cinema Events. 
 Check out the 2023 festival schedule and click on the links below to select your desired time and format! To book your reservation directly, please hover your cursor over the desired time. Thank you!


April 23 & 27: SPIRITED AWAY (Live on Stage)


May 7 & 10: PONYO 

June 11 & 14: Kiki's Delivery Service 

July 9 & 11: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

July 10 & 12: Castle in the Sky 

August 5-9: Princess Mononoke

August 20 & 22: Porco Rosso 

August 21 & 23: The Wind Rises

September 23-27: Howl's Moving Castle

October 28-November 1: Spirited Away

We hope you enjoy the magical cinema from Studio Ghibli!