MovieScoop Cinemas strives to create the best moviegoing experience possible for all guests. Closed caption glasses, closed caption receivers, and HI-VI headsets (hearing impaired and visually impaired) are available at all MovieScoop theaters so that everyone can fully enjoy their movie event.

These assistive devices are available upon request for our showtimes for films encoded with captions or descriptions.  Please view the short video below, courtesy of QSC, for a brief introduction to these assistive devices and how to use them!  

Please ask for a manager to set up the devices you need ahead of the movie! 

Closed captioning glasses receive captions via infrared energy. Text is projected into the user's view and the user can adjust the position of the text. The engineered optics make the captions appear as a distant "virtual image" which minimizes eye strain due to refocusing between text and the movie image. 

Closed caption receivers display captions via infrared energy.  The optics present a distant virtual image so the caption and movie screen can be viewed without refocusing the eye.  We will help you set up the seat arm mounted closed caption receiver provides our guests with a private display that is attached by an angled flex-arm with a base and built in cupholder.

The HI/VI headsets have two channels for our guests who are hearing impaired (HI) -- providing amplified audio, including special effects -- and for our guests who are visually impaired (VI), providing a description of the movie action.